Doodle A Day continues!

I’m working the kinks out, so things and postings will be …weird… for a while, as I figure things out. Just to let you in, I’m currently working on Sketchbook Ink, and I may work with Sketchbook Pro as I see fit. It’s not the most perfect software, but I *think* it’s the best program on Android out there. I have issues with filling areas…it shows filled in one view, if I zoom in or out, it may or may not be filled when zoomed out. I’m learning the tolerance of the stylus, tablet, and program, as well. It doesn’t match the Wacom that I have, but it’s getting there. Barring learning curves, I really have to learn to see, and draw what I see. That has always been an issue in the past, I just need to learn to see more…backgrounds, detailing, shadows…common sense stuff. I’ve drawn all my life, but I always believed that speed was a virtue, and took all precedence, and everything I’ve drawn shows that. Which, usually meant a rushed, vague, if not horrible picture with no depth. How to I get past that? My guess would to be to maximize the time I take drawing. I will still value speed, I just need to make sure I’m using my time efficiently and effectively.

About the picture:

Just saw the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer…holy shit, that looks like it’s going to be a fun ride. So anyway, I wanted to draw a Groot and or Rocket. I was reminded of a Scottie Young picture I got for Mo, where Rocket raccoon was feeding a Groot in a planter. So I figured I’d try something like that. It took about 40 minutes to do…give or take. I suck at guns…that’s something I need to work on. I tried to write “Grow -A- Groot” on the package, but that was a bit of a challenge, considering the positioning. It kind of looks like he has pajamas on…I could have had a more detailed suit.