So I followed a rabbit hole yesterday, and eventually got to thinking about nose art. So, for my doodle of the day, I wondered, what would I have for nose art of a plane/spaceship?

My doodle today is my Nose Art design. A little about it: in the back, is a shield. I created this shield design about 15-16 years ago, and has a specific meaning to me. The girl, if any of you had visited years ago, I made up an avatar for my creative muse. This is basically her. Why she’s dressed like that…I have no friggin clue. It’s just what came to me. I don’t mind this one…it needs to be cleaner, and I can’t decide what I want to do with borders. I also added a touch of shading, which I rarely do, as I usually over or under shade. The feet are undersized, too. But I was contemplating leaving them off, Liefield style, but wanted to push myself to try. Success doesn’t come from avoiding, it comes from trying. This one took me most of the day. It kind of went away from a doodle to an attempt at a full blown piece of art.

Eh, just an experiment, and attempt to better myself. Getting there.