So, I know I just did a Rocket Raccoon picture a couple of days ago, but my buddy was talking about a mash up of Han Solo and Chewbacca with Rocket and Groot. I thought…huh, I think I can see that. So, that’s what I did today. Still having issues with the vector painting… I’ll look clean in one spot, zoom it in or out and it won’t… But I try to fix it, and nothing shows changing. Eh, Sketchbook Ink…so close to magnificent, and yet so far. So, anyways, after dabbling more than I wanted to and not getting the result I hoped for, although, I like Rocket, I couldn’t capture what I saw for Groot. It was frustrating. Still tinkering with line weight, and how that affects the outcome. Some of it turned out better than others, but I have to get used to using a thicker line to do my lining. Otherwise, it doesn’t come across as clean and bold. Getting there.