Thank you for stopping into my web site. As you can probably tell, this isn’t my first endeavour into the world of the Internet.  It is my latest, though. 

I grew up in Southeastern Indiana, in a town called Versailles.  I graduated from South Ripley Jr./Sr. High School in 1995, and went to college at Northern Kentucky University the fall of 1995.  I went in as a Social Studies Education major, but really had no idea what I wanted to do.  The initial goal was to become a teacher, head back to the high school I graduated from, and teach there.  During my college career, I had done some sub work, and really lost any interest to become a teacher.  That left me with a problem…  What do I do now?  I switched my major to Psychology, and was interested in becoming a psychiatrist or something in the psychology field.  I have always been interested in how the mind works, and why some people do what they do, so this seemed like a decent fit.  After a year and a half, it occured to me that for me to do nearly anything would take some excessive schooling, something I wasn’t interested in.  I enjoyed learning, just not that much.  I weighed my options, and decided to take a year and a half off to work.

I worked for a property management company that would, eventually, get me to where I am today in a roundabout way.  I was basically office personnel, where I issued checked, balanced books, but also did reports, company work, web site development, as well as talk to tenants and customers, dealing with their issues and concerns, as well as communicated with owners and representatives.  I was the official do-it-all guy.  And I enjoyed it, especially as I only worked about 6 hours a day doing it.  Not shabby, right?  Well, the money wasn’t there, though.  It was enough to get me by as I was still living with my parents, but it wouldn’t be able to support my future. 

So I decided to go back to school, and finish up a Bachelor’s in History (as I was almost done), and get a minor in Psychology.  I finished out my degree, and quit my job at the property management company, thinking I could land a job with relative ease, having a college degree.  That didn’t happen.  This was another bad turn that ended up helping me out in the end.

A good friend of mine hooked me up with his father, who ran the town’s waterworks.  Filtration, water management, so on and so forth.  There were two main shifts at the job, the Monday through Friday, and the Weekend plus one weekday shift.  I opted for the weekend shift.  Two 16 hour shifts, all by myself, monitoring the town’s water supply.  I learned various things about the water industry, and, while it was somewhat interesting, the BOREDOM of it drove me nuts.  The relief that I got was that I was able to use my cell phone to talk to people when I was there.  Of course, that ended up being a sore spot as I’d end up with $600 phone bills.  That was bad.  I also had my buddy stop in from time to time to shoot the bull.  Still though, I appreciate the chance that they gave me, as it helped me out of a bad spot.  I really thought it was a temporary dead end, but once again, it opened a door later for me down the road.

Making little money there, I decided to check the job market out once again.  In going back to a job that I enjoyed, I looked at property management and rentals.  I looked at three close cities for job opportunities: Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Louisville.  I had close ties to Cincinnati as I went to school just south of Cincy, and I still had friends there.  I had one lone tie to Indianapolis, as I had just dated a girl from there.  I had a Great Aunt in Louisville, but no other real ties to the city. 

It just so happens that Indianapolis was the first to respond.  I was offered a job right before Christmas, and I quit the Waterworks job.  They backed out, and just like that, I was out of a job.  Three months had passed with no fortune.  Then I get another call from Indianapolis…  This time, the job was there, and they wanted me as an Apartment Assistant Manager/Bookkeeper.  Right up my alley from years past, so I jumped at the chance.  When I got there, I questioned why on Earth I went there.  The apartment complex was in one of the worst parts of the city, and the crime and insanity was running rampant there.  The complex was in trouble due to tenants nonpayment, horrendous bookkeeping prior to me, and a company that refused to fix situations, only put bandages on them.  Turnover was incredibly high, as they would go through employees quickly, or shuffle them around to try them at other complexes.  They wouldn’t help maintenance fix problems, only making them get by with what they had on hand.  Drug dealings, prostitutes, shootings, robbings, you name it, this place had it.  Me, coming from a small town, where I was related to no less than a 1/3rd of the population, and new everyone in town, this was a cultural shell shock for me. 

The first bright point to me moving to Indianapolis was meeting up with friend of a friend, who really helped me meet a bunch of local people.  Also, I regained ties to an ex-“girlfriend”, who also helped me socialize.  Then, I met my to-be wife at the most random of places, a meet of a bunch of G.I. Joe collectors.  Socially, I was having a great time.  When I wasn’t talking to those guys, I’d talk to a friend or two online until the late hours.  But when morning came, I’d hate getting up.  I knew the mountain of my job was ahead of me, and every morning I cursed it for being there.

I wanted out, but I didn’t know how to get out.  Fortunately, a friend that I had met playing softball, had a position or two with her company.  I also, at the same time, found an insurance call center job that was interested in me.  I interviewed with my friend’s company, U.S. Filter, as an on-site delivery and tech job.  I thought my Waterworks past might help me.  The interview bombed, and I was a bit crushed.  Still though, I had an interview with the insurance call center, and I nailed it.  Goofy hours, small pay, but bearable, and dealing with customers all day.  I decided I could take the position, if only for a short time, to get me out of my current position.  The issues that sealed the deal for me at the complex was, in a span of 4 weeks, there was a robbing, shooting, carjacking, or drug bust every to every other day.  I wasn’t going to be there any more, one way or another.  

Two weeks before the insurance job was supposed to come up, my friend at U.S. Filter told me of another opening.  An experimental position, that, they really had no idea what they were going to do with it.  Regional Purchasing, they called it.  I interviewed for it, and did really well.  They liked me, and by God’s grace, I landed the position.  My history with purchasing for the management company, and my small knowledge of water filtration helped me get the job.  That’s where I am today, although now we’re called Siemens Water Technologies Corp.  Still buying away. 

Through my rough time with my last job, I had met a girl, Moira, that had just moved to town from Boston.  She moved for a change of things, and by chance, I met her the week after she moved into town.  We went on a date that next week, and have been together since. We were married September 24, 2005, and on March 21, 2007, our first child, Griffen was born.  We are now expecting our second child, due in February.

It’s been a long crazy road, but so far, everything’s ended in an awkward success.  Weather the storm, and reap it’s rewards.