I have so many different interests, I’m all over the place.  A few of my big interests include: toy collecting, sports, music, movies, among other things.  A good variety makes things somewhat interesting, don’t you think? :)

Huge fan of baseball and volleyball, especially sand volleyball.  Also a fan of football, as well.  More of the NFL than of college, but I’m a fan of the Option play, so, if a team uses that, I’ll watch them.

I do enjoy watching sports, but playing and participating is much more interesting to me.  Not a standout athlete, but I can usually hold my own. 

I also enjoy running.  It really allows me to clear the head of thoughts.

Rock and techno/electronica are my favorites, although I’ll listen to all kinds of different styles.  But you can usually find me listening to Tool or DJ Darkzone more than about anything else.  The Ipod is on shuffle, to let me listen to all kinds of music.

Toy Collecting
This wouldbe my skeleton in the closet…  Okay, more like my wardrobe.  I had all kinds of toys growing up, and I loved them…  All of them.  When I got a little older, I decided to sell them off for whatever I wanted at the time.  When I got onto the internet, I found the evil that is EBay.  People were selling some of the old toys that I used to have and thought, “Hey, that would be neat to have that.”  So, it started with one…  And that’s been a good 10-11 years ago.  Since then, G.I. Joe has become a focus of my money.  Although, now, as our second baby is coming in the picture, my interest is starting to fade, although I’m still in the hobby.

Man, I love movies.  Who doesn’t love movies?  I guess adventure, superhero movies, and action are my top choices, but I also need a good laugh here and there.  If I were to list my top ten favorite movies, it would be something like this:

1. Top Gun – I’m a sucker for jets.  F-14 Tomcats will forever by my favorite, thanks to this movie.  Cheesy, full of errors, and one of the UGLIEST leading ladies EVER, but still my favorite.
2. Return of the Jedi – Speeder Bike Scouts and Imperial Guards.  Spaceships and battle, big honkin’ walkers, little furballs, this is the best.  My favorite of the Star Wars series.
3. The Crow – I originally got to see this movie for free for going to see Speed on opening night.  I really bought into the story and the characters.
4. The Great Outdoors – Probably my favorite comedy.  Pure genious, and John Candy and Dan Akroyd was pure comedic genious.  The one thing I learned: You can’t kill a big bear with a gun, but you can skin it’s ass.
5. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – I love all the Indiana Jones movies, but this one by far is the best of the series.  Sean Connery was AMAZING as Henry Jones Sr.  The whole Holy Grail mythos was just fun.
6. Vacation – This movie was AWESOME.  East St. Louis, the grandmother, the dog, all of it…  freaking hilarous.
7. The Bourne Identity – James Bond, Jason Bourne would destroy you before you even had a chance to breathe.  I love all three Bourne movies, but the original is still the best.  Makes a Mini look badass…
8. The Fast & Furious – Yeah, I know…  Lame.  I don’t care…  I love these cars.  I can watch any of these movies with a goofy “I WANT THAT CAR!!” look in my eye.  So sad…
9. Eurotrip – My wife HATES this movie now.  I can’t watch this movie without cracking up every time.  First few times I saw it, I was laughing so hard, my sides hurt.  GREAT GREAT movie…
10 Man, I don’t know…  I don’t want to leave any out, but I love the Star Wars movies, the Indiana Jones movies, The Dark Crystal, Aladdin, …geez, I can’t give ya a tenth… 

How lame is that?  I meant to do my top ten, and I can’t even finish it 😛

There are other things that interest me, but those are the big ones.  My biggest hobby, of course, is my son.  He takes up most of our time now, but it’s all good fun.  Typically speaking, he’s a good boy, so it’s not that hard.